10th Annual Brew Cup 2011 Astoria, Oregon


    This years brew Fest was once again at the new location, located at the old railroad depot at the east end of the maritime museum parking lot.   Being right on the river front made for great views of the ships anchored and boats passing by.  The trolley car was also running, making available a ride for people that stayed in some of the local hotels in town.  34+ beers and Cider were on tap this year including such great selections as: Ft George's "Fresh Hopped Vortex IPA",   Astoria Breweries " Lincoln Lager", Lucky Labs "Super Dog", Laurelwood's "Space Stout" or how about a "Chilli Beer" by Callpooia Brewing? or "Loving Cup Maple Porter" by Coalition Brewing?.  There were many great beer choices'.    Friday Morning there was a slight drizzle during set up but the weather quickly turned sunny after opening at noon.  Dancing, live music, and food vendors were present, as well as the Kids game area for the younger crowd.   The first keg to blow was xxx , earning it the "Thar She Blows" award and Astoria's "Lincoln Lager" took the peoples choice award, winning the Beer Cup for 2011.  


A special thanks to Chris and Jennifer Holen, owners of the Baked Alaska restaurant for organizing this event and Chris Nemowill and Jack Harris of Ft George Brewery for arranging the beer selections and all the people who staff this event and make it happen!


Welcome to the Fest!  this is the east end of the Maritime museum parking lot, just at the 
end of the old RR depot.  Also the trolley station for Astoria's water front transit system.








Jack was everywhere in the morning, overseeing the beer set-up and 
people that were pouring that day.


There was a raffle and shopping affair with some nice prizes awarded.  Paula helps set up the table.


Of course Chris Holen was busy throughout the whole affair!


Jennifer Holen was as busy as Chris!








Friday night was great and the weather was awesome!




Entrance at night.  Chris and Jennifer Holen, of "Baked Alaska" restaurant, the sponsoring business of the Brew Cup,  are working the front entrance to the fest, along with Mom and Dad; Greg and Linda who always helps with this event.












A typical crowd of two....waiting to get a taster fill of brew.  When one of the tap stations gets real crowded;
like more than three or four people waiting....I move along to another one.  That's why I love this fest!




Hondo's is a local Homebrew supply and bottle shop.  They also are licensed to serve and 
have a number of very good micro's on tap.  Hondo's is located just past Safeway on the
 left as you come into town on HWY 30.



Once again, the proceeds from this fest go to benefit the Clatsop County food bank.
  They had their booth set up to sell all the festival T-shirts this year.




Live music Day and night!












Two More Pints Please!


John Dalgren and his son Lincoln.  Say now....he kind of looks like a young Abe himself!




The "Deer Island Brewers" Homebrew club table with a few of our friends.




Looking west you can see a ship anchored out in the river. 


The Kids game area is always active.  A great place for the kids to pass the time, the NW Brew cup
 is children friendly!





The adults had a good time doing the bag toss in the Kids play area as well!






Now I just love Hoppy beer but this guy was the biggest Hop Head there!




We enjoy the beer mug design for the fest.  Every year there is a different color.




Last of all, a picture from last year.  "Beer Love" projected up on the wall of the old Railroad depot.


This beer festival just keeps getting better.  The weather was great, the new location was awesome and the beer selection was quite nice this year.  There were a few fresh-wet Hop Ales on hand and a great selection of beers you don't find on your local store shelves.  If you have not yet been to Astoria for this brew fest, you should make plans for the last full weekend of September in 2012.  Great music, food and no waiting in long lines for beer tasting makes for a relaxed fun event!  

Be sure and stop in to sample some of the fine Ales that Astoria's local brew pubs are offering  the next time you are in town.  

Cheer and Beers!  
photographer and commentary by Alan Johnson


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