The Deer Island Brewers homebrew club  was formed in 2001 to serve the need for a homebrew club in the area of Columbia County, Oregon and Cowlitz County, Washington.  This site is for information pertaining to events and activities of our brew club, as well as general brewing techniques, brewing equipment and links to other beer sites.  

Our goal is to share information, different brewing techniques,  share some homebrew and have tasting sessions,                              
 share recipes or help formulate recipes, discuss
 brewing methods, plan events such as attending or brewing beer for a homebrew competition and
 generally have a good time sharing the friendship of this unique hobby.  We will also have two AHA 
(American Homebrew Association) events each year:  the 1st Saturday in May, “Big Brew Day”
where homebrewers all across the planet brew beer on the same day, and the 1st Saturday in 
November: “National teach a friend to homebrew day” where we try to bring new people into the 
hobby and show  them the brewing process.  Both of these events are open to the general public to 
observe and see some  brewing in action. 
We are a very casual homebrew club and do not have regular 
monthly meetings so far.  However, we do arrange enough activities to keep everyone satisfied.  
You should find some thing of interest pertaining to our hobby as you explore our site, so look around, and 
drop me an Email if you have any comments! 


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