The Brewery..... 



Overview picture taken at Christmas time




This photo shows my most recent additions to the brewery.  A stainless 55 gallon brew kettle and mash-lauder tun.  I built a stainless steel burner stand for the kettle and it is powered by a 200,00 BTU burner.  I heat water in the kettle and pump to the mash-lauder tun for mashing.  I figure the kettle knock out would be around 45 gallons.  I have done as much as 25 gallons in one session so far, but Big Brew day is coming soon and I plan on filling it up!












The latest project to be completed here is the fermentation and storage room.  It has storage room for grain, carboys, racking equipment, scales, bottling equipment, cleaning supplies and more.  It is insulated all the way around and has a baseboard heater and thermostat, to keep the room at a constant 68 degrees for fermentation.  This is the project I've been looking forward to finishing for awhile now, as I have all the brewing equipment out of the house and in the brewery now!

click here for more pictures and a tour of the fermentation room construction project.



You can see the water line and faucet, as well as the electrical outlet below it.  It is very convenient to have the water outlet here, to fill the mash kettle and also for the counter flow wort chiller.  The electrical outlet is handy for using a pump or aerator.  The large propane tank sets under the platform and out of the way.

Stacks of brew kettles and equipment.....pretty cool eh?  I have a small hot water heater in the corner behind the grain mill, that is handy for cleaning up after brewing.


Just through the door and outside is the hop field.  The area outside also is covered with a lean to roof addition that will be nice for brewing outside in the summer.  I plan to put a platform, or tall table just to the right and outside for elevating the hot liquor tank. 






This  is a double stainless steel sink, that is extra deep for convenience of cleaning the brew utensils.  The brewery is pretty much complete now, as I have everything out of the house and up here!

My final "large scale" project was the installation of a sink.  It built the frame work and table top and plumbed into the water connections.  The hot water heater is below and to the right side.  















For information on using conical fermentors, click here:  Conicals

One of the newest additions to the brewery is my conical fermentor's.  I  have three now in 12.2 , 24 & 31 gallon.  The 31 gallon fermentor is a custom built project that I did myself.  I bought the conical and fabricated the rest to complete the project.  It is all welded and brazed fittings, with a sanitary rotating racking arm.  The 24 gallon "fermenator" originally had weld-less fittings with O rings.  I modified this to have welded fittings and a rotating racking port also.  You may notice on these two fermentors that I also have sanitary TC fittings on the lids for a blow off tube.



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